The victim, aged 47, "was an experienced surfer, of Brazilian nationality, who fell while surfing", yesterday the commander of the Captaincy of Nazaré, Mário Lopes Figueiredo, told Lusa agency.

According to the captain of the Port of Nazaré, in the district of Leiria, the man “was towed to the beach by a colleague on a jet ski, already in cardio-respiratory arrest”, having been rescued immediately on the beach by lifeguards that make up the towed surf support device and then by the crew of an INEM ambulance, who were called to the scene.

Unfortunately, none of the life support manoeuvres were successful, and the death was eventually declared on the spot”, said Mário Lopes Figueiredo, thus recording “the first death linked to surfing in the big waves of Praia do Norte”.

The alert for the accident was given at 16:16 and INEM, Nazaré Firefighters, and the Maritime Authority were operational at the scene.