The information was shared by CNN Portugal, which states that the threats to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa appeared in October, in a letter sent to the Civil House in which it was allegedly the suspect demanded the payment of one million euros in order not to kill the head of state – with indication of the bank account to which the money should be transferred - and which also included a bullet.

The envelope with the letter and the bullet were then sent to the PJ's Counterterrorism Unit and subjected to expertise at the Scientific Police Laboratory.

According to the television station, the PJ's operation involved strong security measures, since the arrested suspect has a criminal record associated with violent crime.

Last November, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa downplayed the situation, highlighting having received more “threats” when he had a television program on RTP and TVI than in Belém. “Who walks in this life, and I've been walking for 30 years, has this, in short, by the dozens. It happens. I don't attach great importance,” he told CMTV at the time.