“The talent of our teams is the most valuable capital we have, it is our responsibility to protect it, develop it and create conditions for it to manifest itself in its fullness”, says José Fonseca, general director of Decathlon Portugal, reported by ECO.

The sports chain increased the basic minimum wage to 900 euros/gross, which rises to 1,040 euros with the meal subsidy. To this amount can be added “the monthly performance bonuses (0% to 20% of the base salary), bringing the minimum monthly amount to €1,220. To this value it will still be possible to add seniority payments and twelfths of holiday and Christmas subsidies“, lists the company.

Following Ikea — which decided to increase the entry salary to 1,000 euros in 2023 -, Lidl — will increase the entry salary of the store and warehouse operators by 10%, who, starting in January of next year, will start earning 820 euros gross — and from Mercadona — the chain will increase the entry salary of workers by 11%, who will receive at least 1,034 euros gross monthly.

This year, Decathlon distributed two extra salaries — a total of 1.9 million euros, “the highest amount ever” — as a bonus, an amount that represents 10% of each employee's annual income.

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