"In view of the current socio-economic context, Lidl Portugal is now reinforcing its policy of investing in employees, announcing a salary increase for all store and warehouse operators: in this way, the entry salary in the company increases by almost 10%, to the €820 euros, as of January 2023, an increase above the 7.8 percent defined by the Government for the national minimum wage in 2023, which will be set at €760", said a Lidl spokesman.

In addition, "the employees in the other levels of the operation will also be increased".

Also, "positions that do not have a salary update will receive at least 3% of their gross annual salary, in the form of a premium, in March 2023", he highlighted.

"This increase represents an investment of 8.4 million euros, of which more than 93% are destined for employees of stores and warehouses", he said, noting that "in this way, Lidl guarantees that all its employees see their salary conditions".

According to the company, to these values ​​are also added "a reference health insurance, with a market value of 440 euros, extended to the household under very advantageous conditions, regardless of their workload" and the "payment of a subsidy of meal of 7.63 euros/day, which represents an additional 150 euros/month per employee".

In Portugal for 27 years, Lidl has around 9,000 employees, spread over 270 stores.