"Some schools may not have classes today due to the strike, which is a strike by and for teachers, regardless of the unions or whether they are unionised or not", said the president of S.TO.P, André Pestana.

According to the president of S.TO.P, this strike is "a sign against the policies of those who have been destroying public schools and the conditions of those who work in them".

"We also demand a salary increase that compensates for inflation. Since 2009 teachers have lost more than 20% of their purchasing power", he said.

André Pestana underlined that the strike is for an indefinite period and it is the teachers who will determine its end.

"The fight will continue and we have already scheduled a big demonstration for the 17th of December in Lisbon, with a meeting point scheduled for 15:00 at Marquês de Pombal", he said.