According to the statistical website Our World in Data, Portugal has an average of 170 new infections daily, while Cyprus tops the list with 284, followed by Estonia (263), Slovenia (260), Lithuania (257), Greece (256), Bulgaria (216), Ireland (202), France (198), Belgium (173) and Austria (172).

In the European space, despite not being a member of the EU, the United Kingdom has by far the highest daily average, with 518 new cases per million inhabitants in the last seven days.

The European average for this indicator stands at 127 - down from 142 last week - while the world average stands at 77, down from 82 last Monday.

The lowest numbers of new daily cases continue to be found in the east with a daily average per million inhabitants of eight cases in Poland, 19 in Hungary, 22 in the Czech Republic and 35 in Slovakia.

In the rest of the world, among countries with more than one million inhabitants, Israel and Mongolia have the same daily average of new cases of 1,070, followed by Georgia (779), Kosovo (702) and Cuba (621).

As for the average of daily deaths attributed to covid-19 per million inhabitants in the last seven days, Portugal drops from the seventh to the 11th place in the list of EU countries, with 1.08 in this indicator.

Bulgaria, with an average of 7.9 deaths per day, is the country with the worst situation in this indicator, followed by Greece (4.2), Lithuania (3.6), Cyprus (2.5), Spain (2.4), and France (1.6).

The average of new daily deaths attributed to covid-19 per million inhabitants in the European Union remains at 1.1, while in the world it stands at 1.2.