“The Winter Food Fest will be a moment of celebration, joy, conviviality, and, above all, promotion of the quality of endogenous products. In this event, which aims to promote the products of our Region, we celebrate the colours and flavours of autumn and winter”, said the president of the Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Region of Coimbra, Emílio Torrão.

During the press conference for the Winter Food Fest, which will take place on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of January, in the heart of the city of Mealhada, Emílio Torrão underlined that this event also aims to combat the seasonality of gastronomic events.

“All city councils hold their gastronomic events and CIM has the obligation to bring everyone together for a single purpose, which is to sit everyone at the same table: the table of the Region of Coimbra. The name of the event is in English precisely to attract foreign tourists,” he explained.

“This winter gastronomy festival has the particularity of, for the first time, bringing together 19 municipalities, with an exhibition from each of the municipalities, chosen by each of the municipalities and which, strategically, each of us, as mayors, will try to promote”.

The Winter Food Fest, will see a tent placed on Rua Doutor José Cerveira Lebre, which will host 'stands' with differentiating products from each of the 19 municipalities that make up the CIM Region of Coimbra.

Also in Largo do Tribunal, another tent and a stage will be set up, this being the space where show cooking, cultural entertainment, and musical shows will take place.

For the mayor of Mealhada, António Jorge Franco, this event is a great opportunity for the 19 municipalities in the region of Coimbra to showcase the excellence of their products.

“It is an opportunity for people to come here to taste and take home a wide variety of products from the region”.