The sheep were removed alive from a pasture, in Sobral de Ceira, in the parish of Ceira, after being surrounded after the Mondego River overflowed, following heavy rains early in the morning, according to Lusa News Agency.

The BSCs were also alerted to the presence of a wild pig, in the Mondego irrigation system, on the right bank.

“The animal was tired. He was saved and then released”, added the source.

During the day, the BSC intervened in other events, close to fifty, caused by the adverse weather conditions that occurred for several hours, having been supported in some cases by the Coimbra Volunteer Firefighters.

A source from the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) of Coimbra said that the Voluntary Firefighters of Brasfemes “also participated” in several anomalous situations in the municipality, related to rain and wind, similarly to what happened a throughout the country.

In Casais do Campo, already in Baixo Mondego, Sapadores had to minimiae the effects of the collapse of a land support wall, next to a villa, which ended up resulting in material damage to a building located on a lower level.

Several floods, landslides and tree falls were some of the occurrences recorded on 9 February in the municipality of Coimbra.