There is no doubt that if you have explored the Algarve you would have seen many beautiful doors and you will have your favorites. Many of them hold secrets of old times and for sure have many stories to tell.

The author explores the glory and beauty of doors all over the world. From grand buildings to humble homes, the different styles, colours, handles and door knockers.

The author, Nick Rowell was born in Paris but grew up near Oxford, England. After university, he spent time living in Argentina and on the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires he developed an interest in photographing doors.

He set up the instagram account @door_jadore that showcases beautiful doors and allows door enthusiasts from all corners of the world. It is a unique account sure to inspire a trip just to go see all the wonderful doors.

Each photo is accompanied by a short commentary that helps understand why the author chose the door.

I thought this was a charming and a pretty book and it will appeal to someone who loves design and to travel.

The places, colours, patterns and textures of the doors are inspiring and is sure to delight anyone who owns this book.