Some call it the Black Triangle others have been known to call it Astra but today let’s call it by another name it is known as…. The TR-3B

It’s been sighted worldwide and in particular, lurking around groom lake (area 51)

You the reader can draw speculation as to the following video

So, the story goes the TR-3B was built in the highest of secrecy in the AURORA Program in a collaboration between the NSA (National Security Agency), the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NRO.

The craft is said to be 183 meters in diameter, utilizing a radar reactive polymer similar to stealth technology but what makes it different is what’s under the hood. Its powerplant is described as a circular ring, filled with plasma creating what is called a Magnetic Field Disruptor. It is said to be able to achieve speeds of Mach 9 which translates to approx. 10,000km/h

Of course, if any of this is to be believed. It could however explain a number of similar sightings around the world of this infamous Black Triangle with even the Belgium Airforce chasing one back in the 1990s

It begs the question are many of the sightings in fact secret airspace programs?, who of us before the unveiling of the very exotic looking stealth fighter would have not looked up and thought they saw a UFO?, it's not beyond the realms that this particular Black Triangle is like its little stealth brother but more advanced.

If real, could this be a product of back-engineering resulting from research that Bob Lazar said he was involved with? or is it just a natural progression of cutting-edge aerospace? If this craft has been operating for decades as suggested by multiple sources then what else could we be mistaken for little green men on a joy ride.

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