The ranking is led by Qantas, Air New Zealand, and Etihad Airways, followed by Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Emirates, Alaska Airlines, EVA Air, Virgin Australia/Atlantic, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, SAS, United Airlines, Lufthansa/Swiss Group, Finnair, British Airways, KLM, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

According to the director of, Geoffrey Thomas, “these airlines stand out in the industry and are at the forefront of safety, innovation, and the launch of new aircraft”.

He added that "accidents over five years, serious incidents over two years" are analysed, as well as audits by entities that lead the sector and associations. The age of the fleet, expert analyses on pilot training, and Covid-19 protocols are also analysed.

Geoffrey Thomas points out, however, that “all airlines have incidents every day, and many are due to aircraft or engine manufacturing issues, not operational problems of the airline”, considering that “it is the way the crew deals with these incidents that determines a good airline from an unsafe airline”.

Thomas further concludes that the 20 safest airlines in 2023 “are always at the forefront of innovation in safety, operational excellence, and the launch of new and more advanced aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787”.

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