“The Navy, the Air Force, the Maritime Authority, and the Judiciary Police carried out an operation in international waters south of Portugal, which resulted in the identification and seizure of two high-speed, semi-rigid vessels equipped with high-power engines, suspected of carrying a narcotic product”, explains the text signed by the four entities.

The operation carried out “resulted in the seizure of around 8,600 kilos of hashish”, and “eight male individuals aged between 34 and 40 years old were also arrested”.

It all started with a “routine mission” of maritime patrol by the Air Force, in which “suspicious movements” of the vessels were monitored, after which an approach operation was carried out in international waters, about 70 nautical miles south of mainland Portugal.

“The successful approach carried out by Navy means, operated by marines, allowed for the interception, detention of the crew and seizure of the narcotic product, hashish”.