In a statement, the Public Ministry (MP) stated that the attempted rape occurred during the first days of the month, at the beginning of the night, in Montes de Alvor, involving two women, 23 and 22 years old, who managed to escape.

The women were inside a van, whose side door was open, when the suspect forced them to hand him money and a cell phone, then tried to force them to have sex with him.

However, the women “refused and got involved in a fight” with the man, who ended up leaving the place, “not without first having punctured two tires of the van”, reads in the statement published on the website of the Faro District Attorney's Office.

A few days later, at 12:00, again in Montes de Alvor, "using physical force, the suspect forced a 51-year-old woman, who was taking a walk, to have oral sex with him".

The suspect was detained by the Judiciary Police on Sunday and brought to court on Monday, who ordered his pre-trial detention for evidence of the crimes of rape and theft, among others.

The man has a criminal record for crimes related to property, concludes the Public Ministry.

The crimes caused "high public unrest", also due to the disclosure of the acts "on social networks", according to the PJ when the suspect was arrested on Sunday.