Street arts come to historic centre of Covilhã

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Covilhã will be the stage for the Portas do Sol Festival, which will feature street arts to help breathe new life into the historic centre of the city between 1 and 3 July.

Organised by ASTA - Association of Theater and Other Arts, the event will feature performances of music, circus, dance and poetry and is carried out for the second consecutive year, after the first edition, held in pandemic time, having "exceeded all expectations".

"The seeds are laid for the future of street arts in the city," ASTA said in a statement. The event will once again seek to bring "different artistic manifestations to the public and, at the same time, favour the affirmation of street arts as a democratising and emancipating trend, capable of generating an innovative and demanding creative attitude".

Stressing that "culture and the arts have no barriers", the organisation added that the Portas do Sol festival will be free and the shows will be presented in various key points of this city in the Castelo Branco district. The start is scheduled for 7pm on the 1 July, at the Miradouro Portas do Sol, with the musical selection of Nuno Santos Dias, a native of Covilhã.

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