“Heavy showers and thunderstorms will be most likely in the interior, north and centre in the afternoon, accompanied by hail. In the coastal and southern regions there are also conditions for periods of rain or showers,” meteorologist Paula Leitão told Lusa.

According to the meteorologist at the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), this unstable situation will continue for a few days.

“Today, more in the interior north and centre, tomorrow [Thursday] it will reach the mountains of the Algarve”, she said.

According to Paula Leitão, between today and Thursday a drop in the maximum temperature of about 10 degrees is expected.

“The temperature will drop a lot. It will drop a lot today and a little more tomorrow and then remains with values ​​that in Lisbon will be around 20 degrees and in Alentejo 22/23 degrees. The minimum temperature will also drop, we are going to have cooler nights, but it is at the maximum that it will be noticed because we are going to go from 30 degrees to around 20 degrees. In two days there will be a drop of about 10 degrees,” she said.

The forecast of sometimes heavy showers and hail, accompanied by thunder and the possibility of gusts of wind, led the IPMA to issue a yellow warning for the districts of Vila Real, Bragança, Viseu and Guarda from 09:00 until 9:00 pm today.