“By embracing the unknown, this new generation of nomads has found a way to pursue what matters most to them.”

We are fortunate to be able to share the stories of others who have chosen to change the way they live into a different and more simple way for themselves. These include a reclusive designer living in a custom tiny house in the Montana wilderness, a couple who traded their expensive Bay Area apartment to live at the nearby marina on a docked sailboat and a family of five who simplified their lives by moving into a school bus. Nomad celebrates all from vanlifers to boondockers, liveaboards to tiny-house dwellers. This book explores 26 homes and the people who live in them. Unique dwellings but they all suit the people who live in them.

The book also goes into detail about off-the-grid living and a comprehensive guide to finding the right home.

The author, Emma Reddington is the founder of the Marion House Book,with over 3.5 million fans. A former editor in chief of House & Home magazine, she is now Vice President, Editorial Studio at Indigo Books & Music. Find her on Instagram @marionhousebook.

The photographer, Sian Richards is a photographer based in New England, USA and Toronto. She works primarily with natural light.

I thought this was a charming, quirky and fun book to read. The stories and photos are great and it transports you to far away places. What more could you want from a book!