According to the count on Sunday, the day of municipal elections in 2021, PS won the suffrage for the Parish Assembly, with 893 votes (44.90%), one more than the list of the Juntos por Guimarães coalition (PSD/CDS- PP), with 44.85%, but the Judicial Court of Guimarães considered “null” one of the votes previously valid in the socialist candidacy.

The PS list, headed by Lucinda Oliveira on the official Facebook page, that the “new electoral act will take place on October 10, with the voting period running between 8:00 and 20: 00".

The PSD/CDS-PP candidacy, led by Tiago Rodrigues, released the same information shortly afterwards, also through Facebook, adding that “electors are called to vote only for the Parish Assembly”.

Contacted by Lusa, a source from the National Elections Commission stressed that the repetition of an election implies the going to the votes of all the lists originally registered, so the CDU candidacy, led by José Mendes, also returns to the polls, after having collected 102 votes on Sunday (5.13% of the total).

The 3,202 registered voters will again choose the nine mandates for the Parish Assembly, after a first suffrage in which 1,989 citizens voted – 37.88% abstention.

Over the past four years, the union of parishes has been chaired by Bruno Oliveira, from PS.