In a statement, the FAP indicated that this aircraft, without communications and unidentified, was approaching national airspace, on Tuesday afternoon, when it was detected by the air defense and air policing system.

According to the FAP, a pair of F-16M fighters was then activated, and, at the same time, due to the fact that the unidentified aircraft was flying at a low speed and at low altitude, a P-3C CUP+ plane was also deployed.

“Through the electronic systems that equip the P-3C CUP+ plane, it was possible to follow up and monitor the flight of the aircraft, which allowed it to inform, in real-time, its location to the competent authorities on the ground”.

The Air Force highlighted that the suspicious aircraft ended up landing in a place near Ferreira do Alentejo, in the district of Beja.

Drugs drop

According to Jornal de Notícias, the aircraft dropped two bales of hashish next to the A26 motorway, in the municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo, where a group of traffickers were waiting in a vehicle to collect the drugs.

“They were pursued by the GNR, but they abandoned the car and the drugs and fled on foot”, according to the newspaper.