What would you describe as the main benefits of receiving live-in care as opposed to any other type of care?

Having my carer live in has enabled me to stay in my own home, and maintain a daily routine that I am used to, which I don’t think would have been possible had I had to move to retirement or assisted accommodation.

What is it like sharing your home with the carer?

I initially had some reservations about this, but from day one it looked like it would be a good match, and sharing my home with my carer has gone very well.

Prior to the care arrangement was your family concerned about regarding your health and well-being? If yes, what were those concerns?

It was mainly due to the fact that I had had a few TIA’s and my family was concerned about my health and well-being, hence that this arrangement came into place.

How does living care impact on your independence?

Initially, I had thought that it might have had a negative effect upon my independence, however it has, I think in fact enhanced my independence in that, where before, I was no longer able to drive myself, he now drives me to any social meetings or medical appointments that I may have. He either takes care of the shopping or me completely, or we do it together. This has made a big difference for me.

Is the care that you've received, flexible enough to meet your changing needs?

Certainly, the care I have been provided is flexible enough to meet any changing needs I may have. At the beginning, I required a lot more care than I do now, and the carer is very aware of any day-to-day changes in my needs.

How important is it to you to be able to remain in your own home?

It was always very important for me to be able to remain in my own home. Over the years due to my husband’s profession, I had to move house many times and from one country to another. I was very pleased that now at an old age, I was able to stay in my own home.

What are the options for care that you considered before choosing live-in care?

I had considered a retirement home or assisted accommodation. I often visited friends in retirement homes and always thought on my way home “I am so pleased that I am going back to my own home”. So when my son came to me with the idea of having a live-in carer, I was much happier with this than having to move.

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If you were recommending this type of care to a friend, what would you say?

I would say definitely look into this option before deciding to leave your home. I am a very private person and this option gives me all the freedom. A lot cheaper too than a retirement home.

Has having a live-in carer at home with you impacted your health condition?

My health has definitely improved significantly in the last 14 months my carer has been with me. My circle of friends and my family and my doctor have all remarked on this.

Do your relatives live local to you?

My son and his wife live in the Algarve. My daughter lives in Holland. They treat my carer as one of the family now and are very happy also with the arrangement and the care that he provides me.

Do you feel safer at home knowing that there is a Live-in carer?

I feel absolutely safer now I have a carer living with me. It is reassuring to know that if I become unwell, as has happened already during the night, he is here to make sure I am ok.

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