The Chega party has presented a draft resolution that provides for "carrying out a survey of the wild boar population in Portugal and streamlining the compensation for damage caused by their presence".

In the document, the party led by André Ventura considers "unequivocal" the need for State intervention with regard to the wild boar population in Portugal and the problems it has caused in rural areas. To this end, it requests that an "up-to-date survey of the wild boar population in Portugal be carried out so that its evolution can be understood and the circumstances in which we find ourselves today", as well as the guarantee of "speeding up the reimbursement of damages and/or losses caused to farmers, drivers and populations in general when there is damage caused by the uncontrolled density of this species", in addition to the "adequacy of hunting control of the same, safeguarding public health".

Chega begins by noting that "in recent years, throughout the national territory, there has been a population increase of wild boar in our country, a circumstance that has even motivated on the part of the ICNF - National Institute for the Conservation of Nature and das Florestas - various national actions aimed at controlling and correcting the density of this species", considering that "the damage caused by the uncontrolled presence of this species near people or the spaces it occupies for the most varied purposes, has motivated in recent years an increase in complaints from various sectors of society".