It’s on everyone’s lips which is great for the company but their rollout is weak. Why? Whenever a new product starts building traction the big players see an opportunity. For example, when there was once only Dropbox, competitors jumped on the bandwagon and created similar clones such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc.

Clubhouse is no different. All that publicity attracts big competition. While competitors like Facebook are quickly making their own clone, Clubhouse is tripping over their own feet giving them a chance to catch up. For example, Clubhouse is currently iOS only, which means all those Android users are left out in the cold. That, and still not being open to the public, compounds the issue meaning a bigger player might very well swoop in and eat their lunch. All it might take is for Facebook, who already has a massive audience, to release a publicly available cross platform version to achieve market dominance. I understand the “buzz” invitation only creates, but it’s naive to launch on iOS only and ignore 84.4% of your potential audience. Now we sit and wait for all the other clones to arrive.