The 'Solidarity with Ukraine' conference, organised today in Paris by French President Emmanuel Macron and in which Cravinho participated, created the Paris Mechanism, for enhanced coordination of international aid to Ukraine, aiming to allocate the aid given to this country with greater efficiency and better distribution on the ground.

"We are going to contribute to the new coordination mechanism with generators, and heaters and try to respond to a new request from President Zelensky, who is asking for 50 million LED lamps to reduce electricity consumption, we will try to respond to that request. Portugal will continue to do its part", assured the Portuguese minister.

The Government is now proceeding to identify Portuguese suppliers of generators to send to Ukraine, with 650 heaters ready to go now and another 1,000 per month from February, as well as LED lamps that consume less and will help Ukraine in saving energy.

The minister also recalled the Portuguese promise of 250 million euros in aid, an "unprecedented" amount for the Portuguese, with an additional 30 million euros to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland.

The Paris initiative is expected to raise more than 400 million euros in assistance to Kyiv.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who intervened via videoconference, asked the 46 heads of state and representatives present in Paris for around 800 million euros so that his country can face the cold of winter.

This money will be used to purchase gas, but also to repair the damage to the energy system caused by the consecutive Russian bombings.

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