At the entrance to the North Atlantic Council meeting that will bring together Foreign Affairs ministers today and Wednesday at the Palace of Parliament, in the Romanian capital, João Gomes Cravinho stressed that concrete support will be discussed at a meeting at the level of Defense ministers, but guaranteed that Portugal will reinforce its contribution within the scope of the “set of support that NATO is offering to Ukraine”.

Asked about concrete measures, Cravinho replied: “I will talk about it within the meeting”.

Gomes Cravinho began by noting that today's meeting returns to Bucharest, where in 2008, in a meeting at the level of heads of state, "a very important summit was held where the policy of open doors was established".

“This position, this posture, in relation to Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova remains NATO's open doors, and Portugal has always clearly supported this position, which is all the more important today when we have a scenario of Russia's attack on Ukraine ”, he noted.