“Portugal will make an extraordinary contribution to the comprehensive assistance package, which is a NATO package for non-lethal support and, therefore, which will also be dedicated to restoring Ukraine's energy capacity. And today we gave the indication that we will go ahead with an extraordinary contribution of one million euros”, he announced.

João Gomes Cravinho was speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the North Atlantic Council meeting that brings together NATO Foreign Affairs ministers at the Palace of Parliament, in the Romanian capital.

Asked whether Portugal will help Ukraine with generators or other types of material that will help restore the country's energy system and fight winter - which according to NATO is being used by the Russian president as a "weapon of war" - Cravinho replied that this possibility is being studied, but stressed that "there is currently a generalized shortage in the market of generators due to the high demand, precisely to face the destruction caused by Russia".

“With regard to military support, it is constant. Portugal is constantly reviewing its possibilities and throughout the duration of the war we will certainly reinforce our support”, he underlined.