The National Confederation of Parent Associations (Confap) has also expressed its concern with the normal functioning of schools and with the assessment of students in the face of teacher strikes, without questioning the legitimacy of the strikes, but calling into question the ways chosen by teachers.

“We reaffirm that we do not question the legitimacy of going on strike, but we cannot fail to be concerned and this is our main responsibility, with learning and with the socio-educational conditions of families. Any disturbance in the normal functioning of schools has a greater impact on the most vulnerable families and students and this type of strike penalizing these families and students even more”, says Confap, in a note sent to Lusa.

The confederation stresses that this “is an essential period for learning and assessment” and that “young people will shortly have exams, on which their future depends”.

“Everyone will understand that it is much more than the present that is at stake, it is a whole future, of young people and ours, as a society, which requires very thoughtful, assertive and courageous decisions about what is happening in our schools ", adding that "what is required of the Ministry of Education is to guarantee all the conditions for the right to Education to be fulfilled, while the right to strike complies with the rules in force".

For CONFAP, this is the time to rethink teaching and to clearly invest in public schools as an essential pillar of society, which “calls for conscious negotiation between the parties, taking into account the best interests of children and young people”.

The Union of All Education Professionals (STOP) started an indefinite strike on December 9, which should last at least until the end of the month.

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