. I had quit eating pizzas because of the cheese and friends in the UK said “why don’t you have vegan pizzas?” I answered because they are not available where I live, or if they are I haven’t seen them yet. On visiting the UK I found that vegan pizzas were on the menu at many restaurants and pizzerias. And vegan sausage rolls were on sale at Greggs bakery shop. It seemed easier to buy vegan food in Britain at that time so I was very glad to see Portugal catching up. Of course, salad vegetables, fruit, rice, beans, pulses and cereals have been on sale all along. I do find fruit prices expensive here but salads are cheap enough.

Steve Andrews.

All those foods are vastly overpriced here. Look at things like blackberries and raspberries, they are beyond what most can afford.

What consumers should be extremely worried about is the pesticides that are used systemically. Meaning washing and peeling will do nothing as the chemicals go inside the entire plant.

James, Algarve