The agents have, over the last twelve months, been given a kick up the backside. Augmented reality, virtual reality, drones and virtual staging are the latest trends, but to date most of these technologies have been out of reach for the average home seller. Until now.

With very few clients actually able to travel to see property this new virtual experience has become an increasingly popular way for clients to be able to analyse and assess property from their own homes. This has revolutionised the real estate industry and provided huge benefits for both the purchasers and vendors alike. Properties can be viewed online, in such incredible detail, that we can wave goodbye to the days of misrepresentation and lost time. 3D walk-through tours, 360º aerial videos, automated floor plans – it allows the seller to give a complete picture, thus reducing the number of physical viewings to serious buyers only. Buyers can, and are, making decisions from their own homes and are prepared to commit to purchase, based on the technology.

Responding to this ‘tech demand’, is a new name to the Portuguese real estate market, albeit run by a familiar face. David Rowat will be known to many in the real estate industry having built up one of the most successful agencies during the last decade. “I’m delighted to be able to showcase the latest digital solutions available to promote your home. In today’s world, the technology is paramount and it isn’t going away. There is a new type of buyer. More savvy, more perceptive. In a way it is a perfect time to launch a new dynamic agency - one that is on its toes, ready to adapt and grab innovative advancements to the benefit of our clients. Our fundamentals will always be the same: hard work, trust, honesty and now we have a thick slice of technological icing on the cake.”

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