In the case of VAT on bicycles, the reduction in the VAT rate is included in a proposal for an amendment to the State Budget for 2023 (OE2023), presented by Livre and approved by ministers.

Also within the scope of VAT, a proposal for an amendment signed by the PS was approved in order to place all canned fish and molluscs at a reduced rate of 6%.

The objective is to harmonise the tax rate, starting to place on the list of products with reduced VAT canned fish, even if added with other ingredients, as long as the main ingredient is fish, and canned molluscs – currently taxed at 13%.

The new rate applies to “canned fish and molluscs with a content of fish or shellfish exceeding 50%, with the exception of smoked fish, swordfish and sturgeon, when dried, salted or preserved and prepared from roe (caviar)”.