Government approved wages

The old minimum salary was not €706.. but 17% higher. Companies have to pay €5 per day for food and another €1 per day for transportation that goes to the worker and then another 33% for taxes, Social Security and Unemployment insurance it usually added up to almost €1000. Then pay 14 months for 11 worked.

The Federal minimum salary in the US is $7.25 GROSS.. not net like in Portugal.. and no free SNS and no 14 months and 1 month vacation. We raise the minimum salary 7% .. well suppliers prices with go up 10% … and ours 10% to break even.. yes I do have a business in the Algarve and yes my employees (7) do get about 2xs the minimum salary.. but 50% is in commissions and bonuses.. which most people do not want… most want guaranteed salaries.. well-guaranteed salaries are in the PUBLIC SECTOR..