The calculation has been carried out since July 14th and is updated every second on the electronic meter that has been inaugurated on the 2nd ring road, in Lisbon, next to Humberto Delgado Airport, as a result of a study by CTP with EY.

“Last year we started a study with Ernst & Young [EY] to try to measure the impact of not deciding on an airport and, right away, we thought about the idea of putting this counter, which was already on our sit', so that people in general and the political powers in particular could be aware of the cost of not making a decision about the airport”, said the president of CTP, Francisco Calheiros, in statements to journalists, in Lisbon.

From July until today, the figure is close to €650 million, resulting from an analysis that involved the participation of all stakeholders, namely travel agencies, hotels, aviation, airports, catering and others.

"We calculated how many flights we were losing [due to the lack of slots], what is the average traffic and average spending per tourist" to determine the number.