We were happy to see there is a dedicated website to register to get vaccinated for people without a health number at https://servicos.min-saude.pt/covid19/vacinacao-nao-utente.

When we heard that they were vaccinating our age groups here in Portugal we were expecting to be texted with an appointment to come in. Alas nothing and after emailing, with no response, telephoning and going to the health centre and vaccination centre all we keep being told is we have to go back to our own countries to be vaccinated!

So this is Portugal’s policy is it? Vaccinate their own and let everyone else get ill?

We would like to go back to Ireland and the UK but feel it’s unsafe while restrictions are still in place. It would also mean borrowing money to make the trip as we have both not been able to work since February 2020. Here we are quite isolated in the countryside, it makes more sense for us to get vaccinated here rather than risking a wait at an airport, a flight and public transport at the other end.

I have now made enquiries with the Irish and British embassies in Lisbon to see if they can help or advise us on what to do next.

In a world where there is a pandemic going on as well as a growing anti-vax movement you would have thought the Portuguese government would be happy to help out the few people that are in the country without a health number!
Shame on them.

Samantha Wilkinson,
By Email