Berta Nunes was talking stock of a five-day working visit to Angola, in which she maintained contact with the Portuguese community in the provinces of Luanda, Benguela and Huíla. "We already spent around 80 thousand euros last year, but we were open to spending more, this will depend on the identification of the situations communicated to us in the various countries," she added.

The support aims to help Portuguese communities abroad to overcome the difficulties caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the consequent confinement in the various countries. Speaking to the press, Berta Nunes said that the aid, which takes place under the auspices of extraordinary one-off support, was reactivated again this year, with this being one of the topics addressed at the meeting with the community in Luanda.

According to the official, during the meeting it was said that “difficulties and problems continue to exist, mainly because of unemployment and, eventually, even some situations of overdue wages due to the situation of the covid-19”.

“We mentioned this possibility, of having extraordinary punctual support, which is active at this moment, and we ask the associations present to identify the people who were most in need at the consulate, so that we can support these people with this extraordinary program, which this year it was activated again ”, he stressed. The Portuguese official said that at the moment, in Angola, there are not many identified cases, stressing that people who meet the criteria will be considered. The criteria are related to precarious situations resulting from the pandemic, namely "difficulty paying rent, medicines or even having the minimum to eat and live" that may benefit from extraordinary support, she said.