Tish has been riding since childhood and so started building a special connection with Codie, the Chestnut foal, after she spent a lot of time visiting these horses. She decided she wanted to rescue the chestnut luso-arab cross foal and his mother who they named Grace, as she had heard that if the owner could not sell them for a good price that they then would be sold on for meat.

She was worried for their safety after some men went to visit the foal and his mother and so she contacted Algarve horse alarm, who are a non-profit equestrian charity and who kindly gave Tish lots of information about how to go about rescuing them and what price she should offer their owner (as his initial price was too high). About a month ago she noticed that Codie’s mother Grace had disappeared and she was worried for her wellbeing but also for Codie as he had been left without his mother and had not yet been weaned as he was only five months old. She luckily was able to find out that Grace had been sold to a good home in the Alentejo and spoke to the owner and found that she was safe and well.

After a lot of negotiating, Tish and her friends Paul and Pasi took on the responsibility of rescuing Codie and were finally able to buy Codie and are now the proud co-owners of this beautiful foal. They transported him to a friend’s stable in Alvor, where they are able to visit him every day and give him all the attention and care he deserves. Tish told me that the horses in the field were not starving but she was so panicked about the hands they could fall into that they had to do something and would like thank Algarve horse alarm for all their help with this situation.

If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, please get in touch with Algarve horse alarm as they have recused many horses over the years and work tirelessly to find them a loving home. Similarly, if you are interested in adopting a foal or horse, please do not hesitate to contact their organisation. Additionally, all the money they receive is spent on the wellbeing of their rescue horses and new ones to come. If you feel aligned with what they do then there are so many different ways you can help, including sharing their work on social media which helps them to reach more supportive people. Additionally, you can volunteer or even sponsor a horse for €10 or €20 a month and they kindly welcome any donation. For more information, please check out their website at http://www.algarvehorsealarm.com. If you would like to get in contact with them, the best place is via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/horsealarm or alternatively, their email is algarvehorsealarm@gmail.com. Finally, in an emergency situation you can reach them on (00351) 924 358 566.