In the plenary session of the Assembly of the Republic, 26 bills were voted following an agenda by the IL whose objective was to "uncomplicate people's lives".

The liberal bill on fines to be applied for non-payment of tolls - which was generally approved and is now being discussed in detail - provides that "the total amount charged, under the terms of this law, considering fees, fines and any administrative costs, both in the context of administrative offense proceedings and in enforcement proceedings, cannot exceed three times the value of the respective toll fees, without prejudice to default interest”.

The IL also had a transitional rule approved so that “the regime that, specifically, appears to be more favourable to the defendant or the defendant applies to the administrative offense proceedings pending at the date of entry into force of this law”.

In the debate on these projects the day before, Carlos Guimarães Pinto had shown “openness and flexibility” to work in the specialty on the proposal on limits to administrative offenses for non-payment of tolls.

The BE also had two bills on this subject, but both ended up being rejected.