New speed limits have been set on the Segunda Circular,in Lisbon, specifically in the section next to the Superior School of Social Communication (ESCS), where the maximum speed was changed to 60 km/hour.

"The speed limit on the section of the Second Ring Road, next to the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (direction IC19 – Benfica), was changed at the beginning of December 2022 from 50 kilometres / hour to 60 kilometres / hour", indicated the municipality in a report by NM.

The change took place following a "technical analysis", carried out by a road safety auditor, as part of a monitoring of roads "where maximum circulation speeds were stipulated, particularly in sections with more serious accidents".

These amendments have the "principle of ensuring a balance between the accident rate and the speed limits defined for the roads, taking into account their characteristics and the area in which they are located".

In June 2022, 41 new radars were installed in Lisbon and, in this section of the Second Ring Road in particular, the maximum speed was controlled in both directions.