The replacement text of the Committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing was approved with votes against by PCP and PEV, abstentions from BE, CDS-PP, IL and non-registered deputies Joacine Katar Moreira and Cristina Rodrigues and in favour by the other benches.

When the bill was presented, at the end of March, the vice-president of the social-democratic caucus Afonso Oliveira mentioned that the current regime had “exists for more than twenty years” and there was a need to respond to a reality that has become “more complex and demanding”.

"The objectives of this bill are very clear: to facilitate the administration of condominiums, assign greater responsibility to the administration of condominiums and make life easier for people who live in the condominium", he explained, saying that the PSD wants to reach "a very broad consensus in parliament” to review the current regime.

At the same time, deputy Márcia Passos, deputy coordinator of the PSD in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, explained that the PSD intends to “make more stable and responsible” relations within a condominium.

“For example, a person who sells their fraction is obliged to inform the condominium administration, not as it is today when sometimes people disappear completely”, she said.

On the other hand, the Social Democrats intend to give “more competences and more responsibility” to the condominium administrator, who would have the obligation to inform the joint owners when there are legal proceedings against the condominium itself and to issue debt and non-debt declarations.

The diploma also intends that the administrator of the condominium is empowered to intervene in all urgent situations, to file a criminal complaint on behalf of the assembly of joint owners and facilitate the collection of amounts in arrears.

“We also want a reserve fund to exist, not only for the maintenance and conservation of the building, but also for legal expenses and the fees of its agents,” added Márcia Passos.