During my working life my husband and I saved up to buy a boat for our retirement. We sailed our boat over 2,000 miles and arrived in the Algarve in 2019. Our intention was to continue travelling into the Mediterranean.

Leaving aside the pandemic we are now bound by the Schengen rules.

We do not intend to become resident in any EU country but we would like to travel during the months that are best for sailing ie spring summer and autumn. Probably for no more in total than 6 months. But with the Schengen rules we cannot do this - so our time in Portugal and other EU countries is limited because we do not want to sail in the winter.

We are not alone - there are a lot of British sailors similar to us.

Here is a situation where British people want to come to Portugal and the EU and to spend money but will not be allowed to do so when they want to come - because of Schengen rules.

It is interesting to know that Britain allows European tourists to visit Britain for 6 months at a time with no visa at all!

Your sincerely