Re: Crit-Brits

scritto TPN/Lusa, in Lettere · 09-04-2021 01:00:00 · 0 Commmenti

EDITOR, I wish to second both Mr. Harvey´s praise for the exemplary service performed by the SNS centres for vaccination and his disappointment with those “Brits” who are forever criticising the Portuguese way of life.

Recent letters which you have published are patronising, inane and insulting in content and written by correspondents who describe our country as being “impoverished” and populated by a lovable but backward people who are there primarily to serve their delectation in an imagined Land of Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex.

Crit-Brits : please go to another wonderland which can cater for your whims and take your disparagements with you.

Roberto KnighT

Cavaleiro, By email

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