According to the financial services comparator website HelloSafe, based on data provided by Startup Blink in the Global Startup Ecosystem Map study, Lisbon is the best Portuguese city to create and develop a startup, followed by Porto in second place and Braga in third.

The ranking is based on three criteria, namely quantity, quality, and the business environment.

In total, there are seven Portuguese cities on the list of the thousand best in the world, but despite the classification, all Portuguese cities lost places in the world ranking from 2021 to 2022, with the exception of Coimbra and Leiria. Lisbon continues to lead the national podium with the largest margin, despite having lost a place, with the “startups ecosystem in Lisbon” standing out for its marketing and sales, says HelloSafe. Porto, the city where the startup market is more focused on e-commerce and retail, fell two places in the world ranking.

Coimbra was the only Portuguese city to improve its world position in 2022, having advanced one place to the 441st position. Funchal was the Portuguese city that fell the most in the global ranking, having gone from 707th place in 2021 to 949th in 2022, a drop of 242 places.

Worldwide, the cities with the best environment for creating startups are in the United States, namely in San Francisco and New York, with London, in the United Kingdom, in third place.

Within the group of the best European cities, Lisbon occupies the 17th position, with the podium led by London, the French city of Paris, and Berlin, Germany. However, when it comes to the best countries in Europe, the spotlight goes again to the United Kingdom, although the second place is occupied by Sweden, with Germany in third.