"Everyone covers their nose except the Boy, who cries incessantly…", wrote the Parish Council of Laúndos on Facebook.

The bad smell coming from the Paradela landfill, in Barcelos, has led to a Christmas-inspired protest. A nativity scene in Laúndos, Póvoa de Varzim, shows the figures of Mary and Joseph appearing to cover their noses, while the baby Jesus cries.

The images were posted on social media by the Parish Council of Laúndos, which also revealed that "on this night, not to mention, we found another nativity scene" in the streets.

"The expressions of the images portray the suffering and anguish of the people of Laúndos with the bad smells of the Paradela landfill site. Everyone holds their noses except the Boy, who cries incessantly…", they post adding that: "The poorly cared for tree represents a pile of mishandled waste and disrespect for Mother Nature."

Still, in the caption of the photographs, the parish pointed out that "no one chooses where they are born, but we can choose the place where we live. We chose this beautiful land and we will not let others spoil it".