Escaping out of the property under a large firmly locked gate, prancing across the busy road, missing cars by centimetres, and gasps of “watch out!”. Braking, several cars, swerved and teetered to an abrupt halt. Some drivers, tooting, in impatient anger, and others starting to get out of their cars in order to maintain a barrier for the dogs. Some attempting a rescue. Gone! As fast as they had appeared they melted off into a field. The cropping of Dobermann’s ears and tail are now illegal in many more countries than those where it remains legal, such as the USA (Dobermann Pinschers), Russia, and Japan. There is apparently no medical reason for their cropping. It has, therefore, been written out of the ‘Breeding Standard’ rules. Both of these were thankfully left intact.

Whilst APAA ensures SNiP’ping of another kind, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, have proved their track record over the last year that ‘Pop-Up’ shops are the most valuable income for their Spaying and Neutering Programme. SNiP’ping, a vital but costly cause that weighs heavily on all at APAA. “The costs are rising for everyone. At professional and private levels. We’re all feeling the blast of the financial furnace.” Jenny Clarke, President of the Association has had a fruitful year raising monies for their chief cause. “We just keep going on! Thanks to our supporters of all our Pop-Ups. Members and followers, but our hands-on helpers are worth their weight in gold.”

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Deciding whether or not to have one at all. How about a change of plan? During this extraordinarily rainy season, mother nature has brought out an array of ‘beasties’ bringing us to realise how barren we have been for some time. Snails and slugs, ‘Gastropods’, are appearing everywhere, rescuing requiring a delicate touch. Especially the smaller of their tribe. Wanting a pet can change one’s life dramatically. But pause for thought, a pet is for a life-time, not just for when we are down, or feeling low.

Leaving the apartment, cottage or villa for a break means finding alternative carers. House and animal sitters? A kennel or cattery? Someone just to pop-in and do a food check. The latter may be necessary and acceptable short-term, but long-term not advisable. Pets don’t thrive in miserable, empty houses. Care and attention is what we all thrive on. Talk to APAA about how you feel, what choices have you got? A designer ‘Gastro-Goose’ Perhaps?

APAA: Contact: Jenny Clarke: Also visit their website Re-homing dogs. Gary & Wendy Pet Park +351 926 660 465.