In a statement, ASAE said that three proceedings of an administrative nature were instituted against the owners of establishments under an inspection operation aimed at combating illicit acts against public health and the illicit exploitation of games of chance.

The operation, which took place in several locations in the western Algarve, also resulted in the arrest of five people and the seizure of an illegal weapon that was inside the nightlife establishment, reads the note.

Following the action, ASAE seized five carcasses of animal origin (meat products), various food products, nine bottles of spirits, 10 gaming machines, and cash with an estimated value of 168,000 euros.

After being subjected to expertise by a veterinarian, the foodstuffs were classified as "abnormally damaged" with a lack of requirements and sent for destruction.

“As a balance of the action, five criminal proceedings were instituted, highlighting as main infractions the commercialisation of counterfeit abnormal foodstuffs, the exploitation of games of fortune or chance outside the legally authorised places and clandestine slaughter”.