Customs in Lisbon were asking for payment of 31.50 euros on articles (birthday gifts) which cost no more than £20.00, which at the time related to 23.00 euros. I refused to pay the extortionate amount and asked for the parcel to be returned. Unbelievably, today, CTT arrived with said parcel. I did get a response from one of your readers saying that returned parcels usually reach their original destination within three months. No, not on this occasion! The postman requested the money and I again refused (although I was actually tempted to pay!) and with an “ok” he went on his way. Obviously this is not an uncommon occurrence for him!

So, they have sat on the parcel for three months, finally deciding they may as well try and deliver it. I wonder how much more time is being wasted by this type of action?

Ah well, there’s still a chance that it will be returned to England in time for our visit in December. If not, we’ll collect it on our next visit!

Name and address withheld, By Email