In Caminha, where he visited a cleaning action of a protection strip around the village of Venade, Marcelo said that “there is no comparison” with the panorama of 2017.

“It has improved in several things”, he mentioned, alluding, namely, to the creation of an entity in charge of planning an intervention on a global scale, new structures, the admission of more staff and “important steps” in matters of GNR.

“Steps are being taken, which should be accelerated, in the voluntary fire brigades”, he added, stressing also that the populations have understood the importance of prevention.“The idea is to prevent, prevent, prevent”, he argued.

At a time when the deadline for clearing land approaches, Marcelo admitted that, in times of pandemic, it is not always easy to comply.

“It is natural that they have other things on their minds, but, if they can, they must also be attentive to this problem,” he added.

During his visit to Caminha, the President of the Republic was welcomed with a small demonstration against the possible exploration of lithium in Serra d’Arga.

Marcelo heard the demonstrators and, repeating what he had said the day before, he was convinced that there will never be a mine in that mountain, given the complexity of applying the law.