GNR training “largest” number of recruits for “many years”

By TPN/Lusa, in Nachrichten · 20-06-2021 16:16:00 · 0 Kommentare

The Minister of Internal Administration has stated that the GNR Training Centre, in Portalegre, will welcome "the largest volume" of recruit training for "many years ago".

“This year, here in Portalegre, we have the largest number of guard training for many years, 1,400”, said Eduardo Cabrita.

Eduardo Cabrita recalled that the multi-year plan for admissions into the Security Forces is in progress, achieving the objective of the “reinforcement and rejuvenation” of the GNR and PSP personnel, for which the recruitment of 1,400 new guards this year is authorised.

“It is important that the State Budget for 2021 has allowed the achievement of an enhanced level of recruitment, which will translate throughout this year into the incorporation of 1,400 new provisional GNR to start their training,” he said.

According to the official, by the end of the year, the training will be given “in groups of around three hundred”, in order to complete the goal of recruiting 1,400 new guards.

“This is a decisive objective for the rejuvenation of GNR”, he underlined.

According to the Government, the 43rd GNR Guards Training Course includes 16 percent of women, which “also meets” the decision of the Minister of Internal Administration to include, in the recruitment rules for 2021, “minimum indicators of 15 percent of women” in the incorporation for GNR guards and “20 percent” for PSP agents.

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