Special Health Insurance for the French Community in Portugal

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There are more and more people from France living in Portugal. We also know that health is one of their main concerns, because the health service in France is based on health insurance.

Q: What kind of protection does Portinsurance offer to these people?
A: We have the best solution to help in the health protection of all French people living in Portugal. This is MULTICARE SANTÉ HEALTH INSURANCE

Q: Can you explain a little more about this solution?
A: It is a health insurance that guarantees the payment of health expenses in addition to the reimbursement by the French Social Security and / or the Caisse des Français de l’Étranger (CFE). In Portugal, is also ensured the a access to the Multicare Network (including Outpatient Clinic, Stomatology, Non Conventional Therapeutics and Optics) with advantageous prices. The range also includes guarantees for Assistance to Insured Persons and Travel Assistance. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art insurance (Multicare Santé 3) provides optional coverage for Hospitalization in Portugal.

Q: Can you tell me more details regarding the benefits that people can have with this insurance?
A: We have three levels of protection: Multicare Santé 1, Multicare Santé 2, Multicare Santé 3, however the Client can still hire an optional Hospital Inpatient Cover in Portugal (only available in the Multicare Santé 3 insurance).

Q: Up to what age can people take out this insurance?
A: They can take out up to 70 years old with no have age limit of stay and no age limit of subscription (except the optional coverage of Hospital Admission in Portugal; whose subscription is up to 70 years) without individual health questionnaire (except in the coverage of Inpatient care) Hospital in Portugal

Q: How can people take out this insurance?
R: Just send an email to geral@portinsurance.pt. For more information click at https://portinsurance.pt/theportugalnews/contacto/saude.html

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