According to data from the platform aimed at consumers, between January and December 2022, 1,788 complaints related to these services were reported, an "increase of around 57%, compared to the same period of 2019", a pre-pandemic year, in which they were 1,142 complaints were registered.

The analysis carried out showed that the main reasons for consumer complaints are: delays or errors in the delivery of orders at home, generating 710 complaints (40%); problems with reimbursement collecting 682 complaints (38%) and the third reason refers to the poor service provided by the brand, absorbing a slice of 364 complaints (20%)", explained this platform, in a statement.

This year, between January 1st and 30th, this platform has already received 192 complaints directed at-home delivery services.

Among the entities with the highest number of complaints, Uber Eats led with a total of 1,000 complaints in 2022, followed by Glovo, with 541, and Bolt Food, with 176.

Portal da Queixa also underlined that, according to the indicators, Uber Eats is "also the brand that most solves the problems that are reported to it", with a 99.7% 'response rate', an 'average response' of 97.6% and a 'satisfaction index' (IS) evaluated in the last twelve months at "Good" by obtaining 62.1 points (out of 100).

"Opposite performance registers Glovo, with low-performance indicators: 10.1% 'response rate', 'average response time' of 3.9% and with a 'satisfaction index' "Unsatisfactory" scored at 13.2/ 100. Bolt Food is also a brand that registers low levels, obtaining an IS "Unsatisfactory", evaluated at 18.5/100", he added.