"It is very clear the opinion of businesspeople as to the segment that will have the most benefits with the implementation of the four-day week, considering that it will surely be workers and not companies", concluded the Business Association of Portugal (AEP), based on a survey carried out this month and which included responses from 1,130 companies from different sectors of activity.

The analysis concluded that "about a third of employers consider the implementation of the four-day week 'Won't be beneficial to either party'", while "over a third of respondents consider that it will be 'Only beneficial to workers'". The last proportion rises to around 50% in the case of responses given by entrepreneurs in the industry sector, the association noted.

From the point of view of the impact on the worker, the entrepreneurs consider the proposal advantageous, in the different possible scenarios.

Still from the worker's perspective, companies consider that the most significant positive impact relates to personal well-being factors (83% of companies attribute a positive or very positive impact), quality of life (83%), family support (76%), and travel costs (66%).

However, most entrepreneurs consider that the measure will have a neutral impact on factors such as job satisfaction, intention to stay with the company, or level of commitment to the company.

"The overwhelming majority of companies agree (partially or totally) that, as an alternative to the four-day week model, total flexibility in the model to be adopted would be preferable, by agreement between the worker and the company (77% of companies)", refers to AEP.