At the end of January, with less water availability were also the Mira (37%), Arade (41.8%), and Sado (55.3%) basins.

The Ave (91.6%), Tagus (91.3%), Guadiana (87.6%), Douro (86.7%), Lima (84.8%), Cávado (80.7%), Oeste (80%) and Mondego (74%) had the highest levels.

Thirty-two of the 60 monitored reservoirs had, at the end of January, water availability greater than 80% of the total volume, while eight had values below 40%, according to SNIRH data.

On the last day of January, and compared to the previous month, there was an increase in the volume stored in 11 river basins and a decrease in one.

Each hydrographic basin can correspond to more than one reservoir.

IPMA data indicated that only a few places in the interior South region were still experiencing a weak drought (only 6% of the territory).

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