This position is in relation to the petition of the Acreditar association, which already has more than 40,000 signatures and will soon be discussed in the Assembly of the Republic, was stated to Lusa agency by the president of the Parliamentary Group of the PS, Ana Catarina Mendes.

According to the petition's authors, the pain of losing a child lasts “a lifetime” and the parents “are not in a position to return to work in a space as short as a week”.

“We support this petition. The extension of the period of parental mourning is of the utmost justice”, declared Ana Catarina Mendes.

The leader of the socialist party said that the PS will present to the Assembly of the Republic, “as soon as possible, a legislative initiative on this matter”.

In political terms, in addition to the PS, the petition by the Acreditar association has already received support from the Left Bloc, PCP, PAN and PEV.

The PCP, the Left Block and the PAN have also expressed their intention to deliver projects to extend the period of parental mourning